Sightseeing in Bucharest city

Bucharest is must see according to Rough Guide and, besides the night life, there are plenty of things to enjoy in a sightseeing around it. Read the following lines come as a tease for what you can see and do in Bucharest. You rather  join us for a private standard Bucharest city tour to have a comprehensive idea what this vivid beautiful urban masterpiece is about!

Victoriei Square

It is one of the largest intersections in Bucharest which draws its name from the famous Victoria Avenue. Victoria Palace currently the headquarters of the Romanian Government – is the key institution of the square, seconded by the National Museum of Natural History Grigore Antipa, in the opposite direction. The second blends greatly into the surroundings with its Romanian architectural influences.

Arch of Triumph

Arch of Triumph in Bucharest is a further reason for Bucharest to be called Little Paris. Despite passing through various stages of reconstruction since the end of 19th century, to get to current form before 1936, Arch of Triumph in Bucharest is more than a monument, it is proof of heroism for Romanians who fought during in World War I.

Victoriei Square- Victoriei Avenue

Previously called Mogosoaia Bridge, Victory is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Bucharest It is perhaps the quintessential view to picture the small Paris during prior and interbellum period. Along this avenue, almost 2 km long,architectural beautiful buildings, masterpieces, unfold one after another with their specific style:

Cantacuzino Palace (now the Museum George Enescu) superb in its rococo style, Cretulescu church, Revolution Square and the former headquarters of the Communist Party, Romanian Athenaeum, Palace of Economies (CEC Building today), Royal Palace and the Central University,  Library Carol I, the Post Palace (currently National Museum of History).

Parliament House

By far the most impressive and best known tourist attraction in Bucharest is Palace of Parliament or, as Nicolae Ceausescu called, the People’s Palace. Sitting proudly on Arsenal Hill, the current Palace of Parliament is certified as a second administrative construction in the world after the Pentagon.

The Palace described in facts and figures might cause bewilderment: 270 meters length, width – 245 meters, height – 86 meters, 92 meters below ground level, 1,000,000 cubic meters of Ruschita (Romanian) marble, 700 architects and the numbers do not stop there !

For the last one,visitation is possible only with a reservation made in advance with 24h – 48 h, and the visitor is bound to have an identity card or passport on him (no driving license or insurance card).

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