Constanta city and Black Sea day tour

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If you want to visit the seaside in one day trip from Bucharest you should take this tour. It includes Constanta, historically known as Tomis, multicultural and multiethnic city, with his beautiful mosques, churches and synagogues, archeology and historical sites, markets and museums.

Enjoy the sun on Mamaia  beach and the local cuisine romanian, turkish or tartar.

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Private tour - Advantages

Google map tur Constanta

Bucharest to Constanta transfer                                      2,5 hours

Landmark visit in Constanta                                             2 hours

Lunch                                                                                    1,5 hours

Mamaia beach                                                                     1,5 hour

Other breaks                                                                         30 minutes

Constanta to Bucharest transfer                                       2,5 hours

Duration:                                                                                10 – 11 hours

Schedule benchmarks are approximate, depend on traffic and the time for visiting landmarks

Take a one day trip from Bucharest to visit the seaside city of Constanta and the beautiful Black Sea Mamaia beach 

You will leave Bucharest early in the morning to travel to Constanta. It is a 2,5 hours trip on highway. Once arrived in Constanta  you will visit:

Main attractions in Constanta

Ovid’s Square, The Roman Mosaics, The Genoese Lighthouse, The Casino, The House with Lions, The Archeology Park, St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral, The Great Mahmudiye Mosque, Hünkar Mosque, The Dolphinarium

Constanta day trip gives you the opportunity to taste the local cuisine in one of the many restaurants romanian, turkish or tartar.

After the lunch you can spend a couple of hours in the sun on Mamaia beach, drinking a coctail or, if you love history, visit The Histria fortress ancient city, the first urban settlement on Romanian territory  founded by Milesian settlers in the 7th century BC.

The trip back to your accommodation in Bucharest will take 2.5 hours.

Constanta day tour is a private tour, the vehicle is available only for your group. It is recommended for families with children – we offer free child seat and you can stop along the way whenever you want. In case you travel with a child please provide us your child seat requirements. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the child seat is mandatory.

There is no age limit for this experience.

You can select the pick-up time between 7:00 and 09:00 AM. 

You can have this experience with or without a professional guide. For a full experience we recommend to have your personal guide. If you don’t need a professional guide you will have a professional English/Italian speaking driver that is happy to share some Romanian lifestyle, culture and history and help you choose a very good restaurant for your lunch.

Ovid’s Square

Designed by the sculptor Ettore Ferrari in 1887, the statue dedicated to the Roman poet, Publius Ovidius Naso, gives name to this square. Emperor Augustus exiled Ovid to Tomis in 8 AD.

The Roman Mosaics

A vast complex on three levels once linked the upper town to the harbor. Today, only about a third of the original edifice remains, including more than 9,150 sq ft (850 m2) of colorful mosaics. Built toward the end of the 4th century AD and developed over the centuries, it was the city’s commercial center until the 7th century. Archaeological vestiges point to the existence of workshops, warehouses and shops in the area. Remains of the Roman public baths can still be seen nearby. Aqueducts brought water 6 miles (10 km) to the town.

The Genoese Lighthouse

Soaring 26 feet (7.9 m), the Genoese Lighthouse was built in 1860 by the Danubius and Black Sea Company to honor Genoese merchants who established a flourishing sea trade community here in the 13th century.

The Casino

Designed by architects Daniel Renard and Petre Antonescu and completed between the two World Wars, the art-nouveau style Constanța Casino features sumptuous architecture and a wonderful view of the sea. The pedestrian area around the Casino is a sought-after destination for couples and families, especially at sunset.

The House with Lions

Blending pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles, this late 19th century building features four columns adorned with imposing sculptured lions. During the 1930s, its elegant salons hosted the Constanța Masonic Lodge.

The Archeology Park

The park houses columns and fragments of 3rd and 4th-century buildings and a 6th-century tower

St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral

Constructed in Greco-Roman style between 1883 and 1885, the church was severely damaged during World War II and was restored in 1951. The interior murals display a neo-Byzantine style combined with Romanian elements best observed in the iconostasis and pews, chandeliers and candlesticks (bronze and brass alloy), all designed by Ion Mincu and completed in Paris.

The Great Mahmudiye Mosque

Built in 1910 by King Carol I, the mosque is the seat of the Mufti, the spiritual leader of the 55,000 Muslims (Turks and Tatars by origin) who live along the coast of the Dobrogea region. The building combines Byzantine and Romanian architectural elements, making it one of the most distinctive mosques in the area. The centerpiece of the interior is a large Turkish carpet, a gift from Sultan Abdul Hamid. Woven at the Hereke Handicraft Center in Turkey, it is one of the largest carpets in Europe, weighing 1,080 pounds. The main attraction of the mosque is the 164 ft (50 m) minaret (tower) which offers a stunning view of the old downtown and harbor. Five times a day, the muezzin climbs 140 steps to the top of the minaret to call the faithful to prayer.

Hünkar Mosque

The mosque was built between 1867-1868 by Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz for Turks who were forced to leave Crimea after the Crimean War (1853–56) and settled in Constanța. The mosque has a 24m high minaret and was subject to a restoration in 1945 and 1992.

The Dolphinarium

is among the most visited tourist attractions in Constanta both in summer and in the off-season. Along The Planetarium and The Astronomical Observatory and the Microreserve, the Dolphinarium is a beautiful and exciting part of the Natural Sciences Museum Complex of  Constanta

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