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Our Bucharest intercity transfer service its design for transfers betwin two points / addreses in Romania. For example if you are in Bucharest and want to travel to Constanta. It is a door to door service, available 24/7, you can set the pick up  time, date  and address. If you need to arrive at your destination at a certen time, we can recommend the pick-up time.


The price for your intercity transfer is fixed and includes all taxes. It is calculated based on distance, duration and tolls (if applies).

The on-line booking system will provide the price for any destination in Romania. The price for transfers betwin major cities (more than 180), is fixed for all address inside the city limits and include all tolls.

For transfers to any other address in Romania the online system will provide you the price but will not include tolls if exist.


You can send your reservation using our online booking sistem. If you feel more confortable or you want to send us a more details, you can send your inter-city transfer reservation by phone, email or using the contact form.

Because we aim to provide the best transportation experience, the service is customisable based on your needs or preferences. For example, if you travel with extra luggage or with a child, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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Intraday transfers for outside city meetings

In case you need an intercity transfer to a meeting and the driver should wait for your intraday return trip. This service adds the waiting time. For quote and reservation contact us by phone or email.

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Standard Sedan Transfer
VW Passat or similar
Passengers: up to 3     Luggage: up to 4
Superior Sedan Transfer
VW Passat or similar
Passengers: up to 3     Luggage: up to 4
Business Sedan Transfer
Mercedes E Class or similar
Passengers: up to 3     Luggage: up to 4
Standard Minivan Transfer
Mercedes Benz Vito or similar
Passengers: up to 8     Luggage: up to 10
Superior Minivan Transfer
Mercedes Benz V Classe or similar
Passengers: up to 6     Luggage: up to 6
Minibus Transfer
Mercedes Sprinter or similar
Passengers: up to 20     Luggage: up to 20
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We continuously look to improve our services. Your review helps us to bring you better travel experiences


If you have questions or inconsistencies regarding Bucharest intercity transfers, take a look upon the FAQ ,  contact us by phone at +40 314 327 289  / +40 727 707 007 or e-mail us at