Romania. Main tourist info

Situated on south-east of Europe, on the edge of Balkans, Romania is a comprehensive tourist attraction, as it has it all. In this article we are to share more practical info, like international airports, passport and visa requirements for the initial trip planning.

Info about main international airports in Romania


Henri Coanda Airport, situated in Otopeni and 30 km away from Bucharest, is the main gate to Romania and also the most important hub to the secondary airports ( domestic or International) across Romania.

Besides, Henri Coanda airport, other international landing spots in Romania are close to Arad, Baia Mare, Bacau,Constanta,Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Suceava. Most flights on these airports are operated by low cost companies.

Transfers to city centre

None of the above airports provides direct train transfers from the airport to the city centres. Public buses are the cheapest, but time consuming and not very convenient solutions. The most transfer mean remains chauffeur services.

Romanian general info

Joining EU in 2007, Romania is one of the youngest members of European community. Administrative is divided into 40 counties.

Bucharest is Romania’s capital and the main administrative city. The principal governing institutions are based in Bucharest, so are the embassies.

You ca find here the whole list of official consulate missions and embassies in Romania.

Passport and visa entry in Romania info

The EU citizens can travel over Romanian border based on national ID card. The card should be issued in legal terms and to have minimum 6 month due validity at the entrance time. Of course, passports or IDs should be valid druring the entire stay period.

Non-EU citizens having multiple- entries SHENGHEN visas transit Romania (5 days maximum) based on passports bearing the above named visa. Here is the list of citizens exempted from visa entry in Romania, but still have to have a valid passport.

In case the tourist is to stay longer than 90 days, he/ she has to ask for temporary residents.

These informations are purely informative and do not replace further contact with authorities in charge. In case tourists have any doubts about visa requirements across Romanian territory, they should check The Foreign Affairs website or contact the local Romanian embassy of the residing country.

Info about things to do in Romania

We developed the subject earlier this year, Romania is a destination for everybody and anybody can enjoy it.

Who is Romania for?

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