What to see and do outside Bucharest

You have been in Bucharest for a while and you are looking for an alternative to spend time around Bucharest, but still a short transfer distance from the capital. The offer is rich. Everybody can find something to do as offer fits culture, architecture, nature, activities lovers. All of these are no further than one hour drive.

Comana adventure park, nature and cultural settlement

Not far from Bucharest, at around 25 km south to Bucharest is Comana. Till several years ago was hardly known even if the virgin forest, part of historical Vlasia woods, Neajlov Delta- the closest delta from Bucharest and wild peonys reservation.

Comana monastey is another reason to take a day trip to this place. The building was erected on Vlad the Impaler’s (so named Dracula) during 15th century. Many historian assert that this is the real place of the Impaler’s burial. Even if not, the religious place is worth visiting for its simple, fortress like aspect, built on the bank’s of Neajlov river.

Close to the religious settlement, in immediate vicinity of the lake and on the edge of the forest, now is an adventure park with routes for all ages and skills. Most courageous tourists might try ziplines and fly above the lake.

Visit Mogosoaia Palace and lake

Situated by Mogosoaia lake, the Palace is must see while in Bucharest. It takes a 20-30 minutes transfer from the centre of the Bucharest to see the Palace.

It was built at the beginning of the 18th century by one of the most illuminated leaders of Wallachia, Constantin Brancoveanu, for one of his sons. Once with this amazing Romanian leader, a new, Romanian architectural style was born, bearing the name of the ruler (Brancovenesc). Mogosoaia Palace is a representative example for Wallachian buildings.

The gardens are green and reach, the roses by the lake are a superb wonder to be seen at the sunset. Besides, the palace managers, recently installed barbecue places across the gardens so one might enjoy the weekend day in a family gathering.

Visit Stirbey Palace

Few kilometres away from Mogosoaia, in Buftea Commune is Stirbey Palace. Built in Venetian style by the owner having the same name, this was one of the most luxurious domains of its time around Bucharest, mid- 19 century.

The Palace can be visited and also, its halls shelters some of the most weddings and events. For this reasons, prior trip, we recommend you to call the administrators and check availability for visitation.

Therme – wellness and fun

20 km away north from Bucharest city centre, not far from Henri Coanda Airport it was opened the largest thermal wellness centre around Bucharest, Therme. It takes around half an hour transfer during weekends.

With three distinctive sections (Elysum, Galaxy and The Palm), Therme defines wellness and fun for family members. The sections are futuristic and functional designed for the tourists benefit. Also the centre is an oasis of greenery. 800 hundred types of plants cover the area of this settlement.

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