10 fun things about driving in Romania

As our company has been  on chauffeured car services market since the beginning of this new branch in Romania, our experience  in driving locally  is humongous. We don’t complain about it, we love our job, but still,  to grin and bear  it in a  Romanian way, we will describe you in a funny manner, how is to drive in Romania.

1. Interstellar time

“Nanosecond” is the interval between green light on and the fellow behind your car honking the horn. If you do not comply, running instantly, flashlights will encourage you to push the pedal.

2. Level of Speeding

Driving on Prahova Valley during  peak seasons takes three levels of speeding: slow, slower and stop.

Once reaching  Comarnic drivers  travel through “Turbo zone”. Here, they can get “fast”, “faster”, and finally “stop”… to pay the fine to the local Police.

3. Adaptive fast lines

In Bucharest, tram line is the fast line for redneck drivers. Sometimes it gets worse, as they take left for right and drive on opposite sense. Oh, by the way, this under condition that overtaking cars in a row is illegal in Romania!


4. Scenic driving on European roads

Driving on European roads gives you that essential “back to the roots” feeling. Sheep, carriages, cows or other rural sceneries  unfold on the main road like real leaps in time. Just pay attention, you might bump into the bucolic moving scenery, animals and transportation means.

5. Highway dream

While driving on highways, some Romanians are carried away and daydream that they are like are Felipe Massa or something. Luckily enough for their life, that dream is short. Unluckily for us all, so is the highway!

6. Speed of light

Highway is a dream place once again. Some Romanians seem to wish to reach the “speed of the light”.  Otherwise there is no explanation whatsoever in speeding  on the fast line and flashing the lights to the fellow in front of him that driving correctly.

7. Better than Stelvio

Transfagarasan overtakes Stelvio by far: it requires a special Romanian driving style for someone to pass it! If you have watched Top Gear, than that’s the functional recipe: bold driving, stubborn-competitive attitude!  

8. Crossing the border

In case you see too many Bulgarian number plates around, don’t worry, you haven’t crossed the border and the cars are definitely driven by Romanians. Still pay attention to these cars and fellows inside. Most of them tend to cross the driving borderline.

9. Driving in Bucharest

There is no such thing like “driving in Bucharest”. It is is rather an adaptive version of “who reaches first the destination”, kind of competition.  Knowing the city by heart or buying the latest map helps.

10. Rain and driving

There is no such a thing as rain and driving. It is either rain, either driving. It is a common thing for Romanians to take the vehicle for an umbrella.

In case you do not want to pass through all of these,  it is wiser to rent both car and driver!

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