Slanic Prahova salt mine day tour

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An extraordinary experience! Visit an underground salt palace in this one day trip from Bucharest to Slanic Prahova salt mine. You will descend by car 208 m in the salt mountain to discover 14 rooms of approx. 80,000 sqm with trapezoidal profile.

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Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.

Private tour - Advantages

Google map tur Slanic Prahova

Bucharest to Slanic Prahova transfer                              2 hours

Unirea salt mine visit                                                          3 hours

Lunch                                                                                    1,5 hours

Grota Miresei salt lake                                                        1 hour

Other breaks                                                                         30 minutes

Slanic Prahova to Bucharest transfer                               2 hours

Duration:                                                                                10 hours

Schedule benchmarks are approximate, depend on traffic and the time for visiting landmarks

Take a one day trip from Bucharest to visit Unirea salt mine in Slanic Prahova and float in Grota miresei salt lake.

You will leave Bucharest in the morning to travel to Slanic Prahova. It is a 2 hours trip. You will spend 3 or 4 hours inside the mine visiting, playing or having your lunch.

The microclimate is constant and can not be found on the surface: temperature 12-13 ° C, relative air humidity 50-60%, radioactivity at detection limit, atmospheric pressure is 18 mmHg higher than surface, high concentration of natural saline aerosols, scarcity of plant allergens, the absence of pathogenic germs and pathogens.

Going back to the surface you will visit Grota miresei. It is an salt mountain with a lake inside. If the weather will allow, you can take a swim. The lake water is so salty thet you will float at the surface.

The trip back to your accommodation in Bucharest will take 2 hours.

Slanic Prahova day tour is a private tour, the vehicle is available only for your group. It is recommended for families with children – we offer free child seat and you can stop along the way whenever you want. In case you travel with a child please provide us your child seat requirements. In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the child seat is mandatory.

There is no age limit for this experience.

You can select the pick-up time between 7:00 and 09:00 AM. 

You can have this experience with or without a professional guide. For a full experience we recommend to have your personal guide. If you don’t need a professional guide you will have a professional English/Italian speaking driver that is happy to share some Romanian lifestyle, culture and history and help you choose a very good restaurant for your lunch.

Visiting days and opening hours.

Monday – Tuesday: CLOSE
Wednesday – Friday: OPEN
08:00 first underground transport
14:30 last transport going inside
15:30 closing hour – going to the surface

Saturday – Sunday: OPEN
09:00 first underground transport
15:30 last transport going inside transport
16:30 closing hour – going to the surface

Slanic Prahova – salt mine history

The salt mine exploitation at Salina Slănic Prahova has been carried out for more than three centuries. The beginning of salt mine dates back to 1685, when Mihail Cantacuzino understood the abundance of salt resources in the Slănic Prahova region, deciding to buy Slănic estate and opened a mine. The document that records the transaction highlights the presence of small-scale salt mines at 5 km east of Slănic (Teişani).

In 1688 the first salt exploitation was opened at Verde Valley, downowed by one in Baia Baciului. In 1713 Mihail Cantacuzino donated his estate from Slănic to Colţea Monastery.

Between 1601-1700, salt mining was carried out at Baia Verde, Dorobanţeşti and Baia Baciului, using the “bell” method, the access was made through two compartments: a vertical one used to remove the salt and the other oblique for entry and exit .

In 1912 two new salt mines were opened Mihai mine, when electric lighting was introduced, and Carol mine. Both were operated simultaneously until 1943 when a new mining operation developed under them. This mine was called the Union, and it was in operation until 1970 when it moved to Victoria mine.

The salt mine

Unirea mine is the result of 2.9 million m3 of salt deposit the excavation, which created cavities with gigantic volumes: 14 rooms – 80,000 sqm with trapezoidal profile.

What can you do in the mine? Unirea mine is so big that it includes fields design for sports activities like volleyball, handball, tennis and mini football, playgrounds for kids, and even carting. You will find a relaxation area equipped with beds, tables & chairs where visitors with respiratory disorders can spend a few hours.

The special microclimate is the natural way of treating respiratory diseases. The effectiveness of this microclimate was discovered over 100 years ago. Sports competitions and exhibitions are organized in Unirea mine. In the Mihai mine, vertically separated from Unirea mine by 40 m of salt, national and international aeromodelling competitions take place. This is possible due to the special climate in which the air circulation speed is close to “0.

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